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Hatred and Healing in America: The Challenges of Teaching American Studies in 2018

From major incidents like Charlottesville to daily issues about racism, bias, and prejudice, these are challenging times for people of all backgrounds and political leanings. Words and actions are hurtful in a variety of ways, and leave wounds that need to be healed. This happens on personal, group, and societal levels and is no easy task. These matters impact the lives of our students, and can be especially difficult to explore in an American Studies classroom.

Our keynote speaker’s powerful story will start off our conference this year and help set the agenda. She says, “Through sharing my personal narrative about my entrance, time in, and eventual disengagement from the violent, extreme right my talks mostly focus on the shared elements common amongst radicalized individuals : a search for identity, belonging, purpose, and value, and the “amplification effect” which happens to keep a person involved.”

The rest of the day provides an opportunity to see how teachers of American Studies are integrating these issues into lessons, units, text selection, and even classroom activities and procedures. We invite you to submit a proposal to lead a session, sharing something you’ve already done or hope to do with your students. We are especially looking for sessions that actively engage the attendees, and perhaps even provide classroom-ready suggestions.

Also this year, we’ll have a round-table discussion involving all attendees. Have you ever wanted to meet colleagues and hear about how they structure their classrooms and curricula? This will be your chance. You don’t need to prepare anything special – this will be an informal sharing with the goal of building bridges and a stronger CASE community.

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Preview the conference program.