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“Justice in America”

At a time when justice can seem far away — a very distant American ideal — we need to envision it.  We need to ask what true justice looks like and how we make it happen.  We need to re-tell and re-articulate the stories and statements of justice that have informed and inspired movements for change throughout American history, and we need to generate new stories and statements that give us strength and hope in our present struggles.

This envisioning of justice requires a delicate balance between the pessimistic and optimistic sides of our American personality — between an awareness of the seemingly intractable systemic injustices that shape American life and a hope in our capacity for revolution and transformation.

The work of our keynote speaker, James Forman, Jr., eloquently articulates that balance as he explores devastatingly flawed attempts at criminal justice reform in order to see a path to a better future.

After our keynote speaker sets the tone, the rest of the day provides an opportunity to see how teachers of American Studies are integrating these issues into lessons, units, text selection, and even classroom activities and procedures. We invite you to submit a proposal to lead a session, sharing something you’ve already done or hope to do with your students. We are especially looking for sessions that actively engage the attendees, and perhaps even provide classroom-ready suggestions.

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See the full conference program!